Broadcast Pro: Robert Gillings to shoot cryptocurrency drama ‘Paper Empire’ in AlUla

Robert Gillings to shoot cryptocurrency drama ‘Paper Empire’ in AlUla

A version of this article was published in Broadcast Pro.

Film AlUla, the Royal Commission for AlUla’s film agency, will host the filming of the third season (10 episodes) of the star-studded cryptocurrency drama Paper Empire, which is produced by Robert Gillings Productions, Tadross Media Group and Inner Circle Films. Each episode will be filmed in the diverse locations and landscapes of AlUla.

Created and directed by Robert Gillings, the episodes will see returning high-profile cast including Robert Davi, Denise Richards, Kelsey Grammar, Carole Alt, Helena Mattsson, Wesley Snipes, Anne Archer, Richard Grieco, Robert Knepper, Steve Guttenberg among a host of returning and guest stars. The series is produced by Robert Gillings, Michael Tadross jr, Bernard Salzman and Edward Pershing who have already embarked on pre-production activities in AlUla, with filming set to commence later this year.

The show follows Laurence Fintch (Robert Davi), who wants to be the world’s financial saviour. In his attempt to create the singular dominant cryptocurrency, he develops an algorithm that inadvertently opens a digital black hole that he calls “digital limbo”. Eventually, his attempt to merge all currencies and corner the world banks spiral out of control bringing forth a Financial Armageddon. After his arrest, his technology is being investigated by the CIA and the FBI, who uncovers a web of deceit and corruption far beyond his actions. With the help of his inequitable team – banker (Wesley Snipes) and behind-the-scenes business and life partner (Denise Richards) – even in jail, Laurence continues to be the mastermind behind the global financial conspiracy. As the investigation unfolds, the digital breadcrumbs lead to Swiss banker, Oliver London (Kelsey Grammer).

When the stakes get higher and the danger more intense, Laurence must make difficult choices and take bold actions to stay one step ahead of his many enemies. With twists and turns at every corner, Paper Empire is a thrilling universal roller coaster ride that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats until the end.

Speaking about the filming location, Charlene Deleon-Jones, Executive Director of Film AlUla, said: “Since opening to productions in 2020 we have been kept busy welcoming a range of different projects and international teams to AlUla – offering a variety of incredible locations for each story. We are delighted the Paper Empire team will be basing their new season in AlUla, we’ve worked with the creative team to provide locations which underscore the glamour, opulence and world-class production value of the series.”