Richard Grieco

as Santiago Ochoa


A multi-talented artist, Richard Grieco has an impressive career in both visual and performing arts under his belt. He’s best known for his role in the television series 21 Jump Street and its spinoff Booker, in which he played Detective Dennis Booker. When the movie 22 Jump Street was released in 2014, he reprised the role. Grieco’s television success bled into film, where he starred in such films as If Looks Could Kill and Mobsters in 1991. Apart from acting, Grieco has pursued other creative interests. He started his career modeling for brands like Armani and Chanel. He’s also a musician, releasing an album with the Dunmore Band in 1995 called Waiting for the Sky to Fall. He re-released the album on digital platforms in 2011. In 2004, Grieco formed a new band called Wasteland Park. When he’s not performing in some capacity, Grieco creates visual art, painting in a style he describes as “Abstract Emotionalism.”


In Paper Empire, Grieco brings his all to play Santiago Ochoa, a far cry from a detective of the law. With a combination of a short fuse and an inability to take no for an answer, Santiago brings a righteous tenacity to the Paper Empire series. Under the impression that there’s not a problem or desire that money can’t solve, Grieco’s Santiago is a viscous representation of the brutishness that exists alongside dangerous lifestyles.


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