Robert Davi

as Laurence Fintch


Robert Davi is a celebrated actor, having been in the film and TV industry for almost half a century. Something of a Renaissance Man, Davi is also a director and classically trained singer. In fact, his movie-acting debut occurred in Contract on Cherry Street alongside the legendary Frank Sinatra. Often portraying morally dubious characters, such as the iconic Bond villain Franz Sanchez and the cartoonishly evil, opera-singing Jake from The Goonies, Davi’s penchant for darkness is one of his many acting strong suits.


In Paper Empire, Davi portrays Lawrence Fintch, a so-called “financial genius” whose crypto Ponzi Scheme lands him in deep uncharted water with the FBI. As a multi-faceted performer, Davi embodies the anti-hero aspects of Fintch’s character, creating a character who we sympathize with as much as we detest. An authoritative figure who commands a room simultaneously remains charming and respectable as we watch Fintch grapple with the adversities of being a traditional and sturdy ‘family’ man within the fast-paced and unforgiving clutch of the modern crypto sphere. Portrayed calmly yet passionately stating “Fear will not rule us”, Laurence asserts himself as a figure who exudes controlled power. Yet, in spite of his ability to appear collected, Laurence Fintch crosses ethical and moral boundaries on several different fronts, potentially risking his name, his pride, and his values along the way. Davi as Fintch embodies the strategic mindset of moving in the shadows, taking the audience on the journey of following a morally ambiguous character throughout the fluctuating highs and lows of cryptocurrency.


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