Steve Guttenberg

as Saul Burnstein


Acting since the ‘70s, Steve Guttenberg has been a busy actor for decades. His lead role in the Police Academy franchise is legendary and triggered a slew of future comedic performances by Guttenberg. In the ‘80s, he had major parts in movies such as: Cocoon (1985), Tall Tales & Legends (1986), Short Circuit (1986), and Three Men and a Baby (1987). He’s also well-known for starring in the Police Academy franchise, and his other screen credits include Three Men and a Little Lady, Home for the Holidays, High Spirits, Ballers, Party Down, and Veronica Mars. As his career continued, Guttenberg took up theatrical roles, both on Broadway and on London’s West End. He made his Broadway debut in Prelude to a Kiss in 1994 and his return in 2011’s Relatively Speaking, starring in a one-act play by Woody Allen. He can also be seen in television series like Veronica Mars, Sons of Liberty, and even an episode of Community. He’s also participated in internet skits via Will Ferrell’s production company Funny or Die. Guttenberg holds the Guinness World Record for preparing the most hotdogs in one minute.


In Paper Empire, Guttenberg plays Saul Burnstein, one of Fintch’s close associates. Saul Burnstein, also known as “Judas”, commits the ultimate act of betrayal once exposing the financial inconsistencies of his boss, Laurence Fintch, to the FBI. Turning Laurence’s children against him and shattering their bond in the process, Saul’s actions leave Fintch, Fintch’s associates, and Fintch’s family in peril as Saul remains unscathed in the eyes of the law. With a mind fond of numbers and personality that must let his grievances be known, his participation in this well-timed revelation, while aligning with his core values, blindsides Fintch as the friendship and loyalty once apparent in their connection is fractured.


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