New York Dawn: PAPER EMPIRE in Cannes brings Hollywood to MIPTV

New York Dawn: PAPER EMPIRE in Cannes brings Hollywood to MIPTV

A version of this article was published in New Dawn.

“MipTV was taken over in full force by Hollywood with the star studded cast of “Paper Empire,” the scripted TV show written and directed by creator Robert Gillings.

Paper Empire follows crypto into its dark universe. Laurence Fintch, played by Robert Davi, wants to be the planet’s savior and will stop at nothing till he sits on this throne. However, he soon learns that he is the centerpiece of an international conspiracy and that his digital technology has been unleashed. His attempt to corner the world banks spirals out of control, bringing forth a Financial Armageddon.

At Annex Beach in Cannes, the fabulousevent celebrating Paper Empire was a glorious sight. Magnificent marquee letters spelled out the show’s name in the sand, with the backdrop of the sea and stars. The trailer played on the big screens, and the DJ played a combination of hits and original music from the show. Gold Bitcoin coins filled jars around the room, and shiny gold nuggets decorated the tables, giving the event an even more abundant feeling. An Oscars style red carpet led the celebrity cast and guests down the stairs of the entrance to a grand red carpet where the press had gathered to capture the cast supporting the show.”

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